All Smiles Navajo-Churro Sheep


Services Available in and around Great Falls, MT and Bozeman, MT

"If you can shear Navajo-Churros, you can shear anything!"

Sheep Shearing:

Option 1:

Cost is $7.00 per head, with a $50.00 minimum

I have started my nursery business in Bozeman, Mt. and am limiting my shearing business as I need to devote more time to Montana's Best Garden Center. 

Experience shearing: Angora Goats, Border Leicester, Columbia, Coopworth, Dorper, Dorset, Friesian, Icelandic, Lincoln, Navajo-Churro, Polypay, Rambouillet, Shetland, Suffolk, and Targhee

Option 2:

I will shear your sheep for FREE if I can keep the fleece (I may have to look at the sheep to make sure I want the wool, but I am open to most anything) 10 head minimum.

As a proud flock owner and shearer I will take every precaution to keep your animals safe, but I assume no liability for any accidents that may occur.

Llama and Alpaca Shearing:

Llama and Alpacas cost $30.00 a head, OR cost $25.00 AND I get to keep the fleece. You can choose the style (full body, barrel only, show, etc)

Goat Shearing:
 Will also shear fiber goats for $10.00 a head, 5 head minimum, or I will do it for FREE if I can keep the mohair.

Hoof Trimming: 

Sheep and goats-$2.00 a head

 I will bring the shearing equipment, you will need to supply a piece of plywood for me to shear on, or a hard floor surface. Llamas are shorn standing up, while it is easier to shear alpacas while they are lain down. Both llamas and alpacas are shorn with a handheld electric piece, while sheep and goats are shorn with the traditional motor powered apparatus that is mounted eight feet above. Contact me for more specifics.

A few notes of shearing: It is best to shear ewes at LEAST one month before they lamb. The less wool the ewes have hanging off of them, the easier it is for the lambs to find the teat, which means they are less likely to starve from sucking on a wool tag. Sheep fair very well in cold weather being shorn, as long as they have some shelter and are fed well. I shear my own ewes every December or January for January and February lambing, and it could not be a smoother time period. Most sheep and fiber goats should be sheared AT LEAST once a year, some breeds require shearing twice a year. Most llamas and Alpacas require shearing every two years, some more often some less often. All animals should be kept DRY for a day before the planned shearing, and they should also not be fed the day before shearing as well. 

Sharpening Blades:      

I also am able to sharpen sheep blades and cutters.

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